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LumenHaus <br> APP LumenHaus <br> APP
Smart Energy Solutions at Your Fingertips
SmartEco Mode, <br> Deep Integration of AI Algorithms
SmartEco Mode,
Deep Integration of AI Algorithms
Opening A New Experience of Smart Energy Usage
By seamlessly integrating advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, LumenHaus-APP analyzes energy production, market prices, and home consumption patterns to optimize energy storage battery strategies. It also predicts energy demands based on weather, seasons, and user habits, providing with intelligent energy management.
Real-time AI<br> Algorithms Optimize<br> Energy Usage
Real-time AI
Algorithms Optimize
Energy Usage
AI Assistant<br>Provides Smart and <br>Automated Services
AI Assistant
Provides Smart and
Automated Services
AI-powered <br>VPP Adds Values <br>from Power Trading
VPP Adds Values
from Power Trading
Real Time <br> Monitoring & Control
Real Time
Monitoring & Control
Control Anytime, Save Precisely
Through real-time data monitoring, you can check the status of your home energy production, storage and consumption anytime, anywhere, manage your home energy equipment simply and efficiently at your fingertips, choose the optimal energy supply mode according to the electricity price and actual demand.
Real-time Data <br>Display
Real-time Data
Flexible Control<br>Mode Switching
Flexible Control
Mode Switching
Maximum Energy Savings<br>Lower Bills
Maximum Energy Savings
Lower Bills
Real Time <br> Monitoring & Control
Join Our Virtual <br>Power Plant Program
Join Our Virtual
Power Plant Program
Shared Energy Economy For All
Participate in our Virtual Power Plant and make your home energy part of the smart grid. Through this program, you can not only reduce the cost of electricity consumption at home, but also sell surplus electricity for more financial gains; you can also share energy, optimize the use of local energy, help the grid operate more reliably, and build a green and low-carbon community together.
Maximize Home <br>Electricity Bill Savings
Maximize Home
Electricity Bill Savings
Power Trading <br>Increases Revenue
Power Trading
Increases Revenue
Shared Green<br> Energy Economy
Shared Green
Energy Economy
Intuitive &
High Usability
Sleek and User-Friendly
LumenHaus-APP offers an elegant and immersive user experience, with every aspect of the interface designed for intuitiveness and ease of use. Rigorous data and privacy protection ensure the safety of your information.
Immersive User<br> Experience
Immersive User
Intuitive and Friendly UI
Intuitive and Friendly UI
Comprehensive  Data <br>and Privacy Protection
Comprehensive Data
and Privacy Protection
Inspiring Virtual Community
Inspiring Virtual Community
Uniting for Eco-Action and Inspiration
Join our virtual community, where we promote exploration and investment in green energy. Share energy-saving tips, access green investment information, and collaborate to advance eco-friendly initiatives. Explore members' environmental accolades for inspiration and discover new green investment opportunities.
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