Design Your System
Brings You a Smart,
Simple & Safe Home Energy Solution Experience
Modular Installation, Flexible Expansion on Demand
We offer flexible solutions with customizable combinations of 2 to 6 battery modules, allowing for capacity expansion ranging from 10 to 30 kWh. Making it easy to meet your capacity needs.
All-in-One Stacked Design
Featuring a sleek and compact design, hybrid inverters, batteries, EMS, and BMS are highly integrated to achieve higher product efficiency, economical product procurement, simpler product installation, and superior energy utilization.
Robust Performance Enhanced Safety Long Life
Using cylindrical LFP cells with dual explosion-proof valve design, ensuring safety and reliability; supports charging at ultra-low temperatures of -20°C; with 8000 charge and discharge cycles, durable and long-lasting, ensuring peace of mind for users.
Multiple Safeguards, Worry-free Usage
Seamless 10ms fast switch to backup power
IP66 rating, fearless in any environment
Natural cooling, friendlier with low noise
10-year warranty, long-lasting peace of mind
AI Forecast & Optimization
By AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, the SmartEco Mode learns and evolves based on energy production, energy market prices, and daily energy patterns. Optimize electricity usage in real time, cut electricity bills, enjoy a new experience of smart energy usage.
Deep Integration of Cloud-Edge-Endpoint
Through the LumenHaus smart App, you can observe the charging and storage status of energy storage in real time, accurately manage home energy consumption, maximize home energy utilization efficiency, enjoy a simple, smart energy lifestyle.
Real-time Energy
Intelligent Energy
Enhanced Home Energy
Experience Optimization
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