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Our goal is to become the leader of green energy and smart ecology, promoting industrial progress and social prosperity through technological innovation and creating a sustainable world for all. We focus on the R&D in the fields of smart solar, storage and EV charging, VPP, and smart IoT operating system. Through innovative technology, we're committed to bringing safe, affordable and quality clean energy into the lives of more people, working together with our partners to help achieve carbon neutrality. Our team sets that work in motion, and as a part of it, you can unlock your own impactful future career. Join in and feel the difference.

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  • Sales Manager


    Your chance in sales!

    Hey, this is your chance in sales!
    You should seize opportunities. We give you this chance!

    →Start small
    →Help shape many things
    →Get out big.

    I'm not sure how best to describe everything we offer you here.
    In any case, it will be the start of a fantastic journey for you, which you will achieve with us at Sales and especially with renewable energies.
    We are the "good guys", someone said to me the other day.
    Maybe so - I think we are doing what needs to be done to turn a great TODAY into an even better TOMORROW in the NOW.
    · Your tasks for the next two months are to contact our customers and invite them to our event at Intersolar.
    · This means that you will be on the phone a lot during this time.
    · After the event, there will certainly be a few things to follow up on, but then you will already be starting a new role as a Sales Manager, in which you will mature from a junior to a mid-position to a senior, depending on your qualifications. How long this will take depends on you. We will provide you with the appropriate support and assistance on your career path.
    · And if you ever say: "Martin, I can see myself in the position of key account manager or sales manager in the future: WHY NOT!
    · Anything is possible, anything can happen, it depends on you and your hard work.

    And the nice thing about a start-up is that you can escape old, rigid structures.

    On the contrary:
    You have the opportunity to help build and shape them yourself.

    You will be part of a fantastic international team with international colleagues and a great shared mission to make our globe a greener planet and help our customers become the heroes of their own safe and sustainable energy transition - even without their own PV system!

    With LumenHaus
    For a sustainable energy transition that affects us all!
  • Marketing Assistant


    We are looking for your creativity

    We miss you...
    as a marketing assistant ...
    We are looking for your creativity.
    Recognising things that perhaps don't yet exist and always question the status quo 🙃.

    That's what it's all about:
    🔎 Marketing assistance
    🔋 Industry: With the good guys
    🚀 Start-up environment
    💡 5-star creativity level
    ↔️ Lots of potential for development
    🌎 International team
    🗣️ Language: 🇩🇪 (must be), 🇬🇧 (would be great)
    🏁 Düsseldorf
    👨‍💻 Remote: it is also given
    🤣 Humour - always good
    ⚽️ Foosball table - currently not

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