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LumenHaus All-in-one ESS: Empowering all with electricity freedom through exceptional performance

11 04, 2024
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LumenHaus introduces a revolutionary masterpiece forged from cutting-edge concepts and technology: the three-phase hybrid energy storage system. Striking the perfect balance between intelligent efficiency, robust performance, and captivating design, it aims to usher more users into a realm of smart energy utilization. This system empowers households to revel in an unprecedented state of safety, simplicity, and freedom, all underpinned by abundant electricity.



Streamlined All-in-one Design

With its sleek and sophisticated exterior, LumenHaus seamlessly integrates solar inverters, battery PCS, battery modules, and EMS into an innovative 4-in-1 model, achieving excellence both inside and out. Balancing superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and hassle-free installation, it offers users a pathway to more affordable energy consumption.


Scalable Capacity, Tailored Flexibility

The LumenHaus energy storage system offers customizable configurations ranging from 2 to 6 battery modules, allowing for capacity expansion from 10 to 30 kWh. Users can effortlessly tailor their energy setup to suit their specific electricity needs and household size.


Enhanced Safety with Cylindrical Cell Design

Ensuring utmost safety, LumenHaus employs cylindrical LFP cells featuring dual explosion-proof valves and exceptional stability, boasting a battery cycle life of up to 8000 cycles. Capable of charging even in frigid conditions as low as -20°C, it provides users with peace of mind in any environment.


AI-driven Optimization for Smart Energy Usage

Deeply integrated AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable LumenHaus to continuously adapt and evolve based on energy production, market prices, and consumption patterns. Empowering users to optimize their electricity usage in real-time, it paves the way for reduced power bills and a greener lifestyle marked by energy independence.


Intuitive Energy Management, Total Awareness

Through the LumenHaus smart APP, users gain effortless access to real-time monitoring of their energy storage system's charging, storage, and usage status. This intuitive platform enables precise management of household energy production and consumption, maximizing efficiency and granting users full control over their smart energy experience.


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